About us

Our Mission

The main objective of this organisation is to provide a non-political forum to bring together the Nairs and strengthen the common bonds of culture, tradition and way of life. The charter of the organisation recognizes the revolutionary transformation taking place at global levels as a result of quantum leaps in technology. Nair Service Society Vapi works to bolster their cultural, artistic and social uniqueness and give resilience and understanding towards other cultures with which they have to co-exist and interact.

More About Us

“The Keralites” are known for their habit of migration in search of greener pastures and many people belonging to Nair community too have migrated to various places outside Kerala. As a part of it many Nairs have migrated to and got settled a small industrial town “Vapi” in South Gujarat.  It is quite common for Nairs to keep up their identity wherever they live. There is no compromise on following the rituals and practices which are being passed through generations.

 NAIR SERVICE SOCIETY VAPI ( NSS VAPI ) is a registered fast growing non-political, non-profit association that performs religious and charity activities in and around Vapi for the last 9 years.

Under the leaderships of present day President  Sri  Venu.G. Nair, Secretary  Anil D. Pillai and Treasurer Mahesh Nair , this organization is maintaining our discipline, culture and tradition of Nair community.

 Nair Service Society Vapi, started functioning from 2011 with Sri. Sathyan Pillai and Sri. Vinod Kumar KG. as it’s first President and  General Secretary respectively.

 Selfless efforts and dedicated work put forth by the office bearers and volunteers earned the confidence of the community members and it started developing gradually.

 At present, NSS Vapi, has about 300 families enrolled in it as members.

 With support of the members and well wishers, NSS Vapi newly purchased an office at  Gunjan, Vapi,

 In order to maintain the rich culture and heritage of the community, NSS Vapi organizes Mannam Jayanti Celebrations, Kudumba Sangamam as main events and these celebrations  are filled with various cultural programs that showcase the rich cultural heritage of Nair community along with our own Kerala tradition.

 Besides the celebrations we also acknowledge  Jayanti and Samadhi  of  Shri Mannath Padmanabhan and  Shri Chattampi Swamikal,  Flag Day of NSS, Republic Day, Independence Day etc.,

 Every year on Mannam Jayanti day (2nd Jan), the birth anniversary of Mannathu Padmanabhan, leader of the community and the founder of Nair Service Society, we do cleaning program in Vapi  organized by our Youth wing and  with the coordination of Vanitha wing we feed poor people and sponsoring daily needs to many helpless children accommodated in different care homes.

As a part of our ongoing activities, we conduct Personality and Career Development  Camps,  Cultural and Social  Sessions and  in limelight NSS Vapi  is conducting an Inter-School Quiz Competition “Quizard” from last 6 years.

For NSS Vapi, its members are its assets and means. Since its inception, it renders humanitarian services, small or big, near and far, to its membership as a whole and to the larger section of people, irrespective of any differences. This includes educational assistance to the needy and poor, food for the needy, organizing medical check-ups, sponsoring and holding blood donation camps, raising donations for providing relief and aid at the time of natural calamities, etc.

“Malayalam”  the word that we identified and united… NSS Vapi is having Kerala Govt . approved Malayalam Mission classes in Vapi.  With 3 study centers (Chanod, Gunjan & Chala ) our Vanitha wing is taking a huge initiative to transfer Language, Culture and Tradition to our next generation.